We are committed to help people live healthier lives with our products.

We also want to encourage people to take control of their own health by adding an active lifestyle to the mix.


We created the 10k PLEDGE as a way to encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living. The newly-released Nudge Health Tracking app not only tracks steps, calories burned, and stairs climbed, but water and calorie intake, sleep patterns, and active minutes as well.


While the 10k PLEDGE is a way for you to compete with other TruVision Health Associates and the Nudge app is a way to really compete with yourself. We hope to encourage everyone to get his or her 10,000 steps in each day and join us in walking for better health. Your body, family, and mind will thank you! So will we.


When TruVision Associates accomplish certain milestones or win competitions within our 10k Pledge community, we will be offering incentives and rewards, just for being active.

  • Get an Activity Tracker (FitBit, Garmin, Misfit, etc.)!
  • Download the corresponding app and set up your account.
  • Download the 10k PLEDGE app in iTunes or Google Play.
    • If you were using the Nudge version, please login using your current email and password. Then un-sync your fitness tracker from the Nudge version and delete that version from your phone. (If you continue running both apps they will interfere with each other.)
    • If you’re new to the 10k PLEDGE, click “I’m New”
    • Enter Your Information
    • Enter Your Associate ID (Example: 12345)
      • If you do not have an Associate ID, click “Continue with sign up”
    • Sync with your Activity Trackers corresponding app
    • Check back frequently to track your activity, interact with others, and join the movement.
  •  Start walking for better health and awesome monthly perks including FREE product!

Bonus Points: Join the ‘TruVision Health 10K Facebook‘ Page! Let’s do this together.

  • If you achieve 1-Star Director, you will receive a free Fitbit Flex for you or a loved one!
  • Monthly recognition on the Corporate website.
  • Monthly incentives from TruVision Health that include free product, car decals and more!
    • Incentives grow based on achieving your monthly goals consecutively.
    • For example: Month 1 – 12, once the goal is met 1 Sample or product of equal value will be sent out for each consecutive month.
    • Once the 13th consecutive month is achieved, 2 Samples or product of equal value will be sent out for every consecutive month going forward. The cap on the Sample Packs is 2.
    • On consecutive months 3, 6, 9, and 12, the Associate or Preferred Customer will receive a TruVision Health branded car decal/sticker, visor, jacket or Nike running shoes respectively.
  • The consecutive months start January 1st, 2015 and no previous months will count toward the sample packs or branded apparel.
    • However, the Associate or Preferred Customer can start at anytime and the consecutive months will be counted from the start date.
    • Challenge rewards were updated January 1st, 2017.
  • If the monthly goal is NOT reached, the consecutive month calendar will start over.
  • Samples and monthly incentives will be sent out the following month.

*Product may vary depending on the country.

  • Your steps need to be synced with the TruVision Health 10k PLEDGE app.
    • Don’t forget to sync to a mobile phone or computer throughout the day.
    • Your steps will NOT COUNT if they are entered manually so make sure you wear your Activity Tracker and that it is charged!
  • The number of steps is determined by multiplying 10,000 by the number of days in that month. For example: the month of April has 30 days, which means you will need to reach 300,000 steps by the end of the month.
  • Be an active Preferred Customer or Associate with at least 75 PV per calendar month.
    • Personal and retail orders count toward the 75 PV.
  • Associate ID must be entered in the “My ID” tab during the setup of the app. Enter it as Associate ID number. (i.e. 12345)
    • This is the only way corporate can track the individuals, so it must be done before the rewards are received.


26 Months

Darryl Mercer
Avis Hall
Annette Knopf
Sandra Dvorak
Stacie Poulsen
Steve Poulsen
Kris Bradley
Don Bradley
Donna Cabrera
Sandie Reese
Larry Mathis
Lynda Rivera

25 Months

Donnina Ullrich
Leslie Gillaspy
Donna Graddy
Keri Forbus

24 Months

Laureen Stilling
Donald Harris
Laci Meacher
Renee Oliver
Shari Short
Dwain Short

23 Months

Belinda Pike
Nancy Smith
Tammy Franklin
Jamie Harris

22 Months

Jamie Davis
Pam Batty
Jennifer Presnall
David Haider

21 Months

Connie Glor

20 Months

Jana Connell

19 Months

Katie Reed

18 Months

Carolynn Stoicheff
April Mcconathy

17 Months

Kay Gowar Rust
Jodi Masa
Fawn Bell
Randy Christopher

16 Months

Peggy Deskin
Kimberly Pinkston

15 Months

Angela Paradisis
Carol Rice
Tammie Reed
Jessica Kiker

14 Months

Mandy Ganton
William Deskin
Sandra Broadway
Amber Jenkins
Shannon Russell
Mary Newman
Patricia Kennedy
Kenny Duncan
Melanie White

13 Months

Larry Sherwood
Christy Sherwood
Cari Haider
Courtney Mager
Christina Richens
Erin Major
Meghan Ullrich

12 Months

Gert Roets
Michael Lagatolla
Nancy Tenny
Josh Atanasu
Claudette Whitehouse
Angie Jeske
Carissa Gonzales
Megan Curbow
Gregory Taylor
William Barrett
Beth Niedzielski
DeAnn Hartman
Mary Kerstetter
Susan Davis
Leanne Perryman
LeeAnn Winkler
Stephanie Taylor
Dana Clark
Martha Pomplon
Jacqueline Pafford
Portia Grubb
Jennifer Tennant

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