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“My mind and heart are filled with positivity and I am finally happy being me!”

“Before TruVision I struggled to lose weight that I had rapidly gained at age 19 due to ulcerative colitis. Over the years, I had tried to eat healthy and be active, but constantly became frustrated from the lack of results. After some major surgeries and an extremely hard recovery, I started gaining an excessive amount of weight in 2015. I was back to the size I had been when I was nine months pregnant, but my son was going into grade 12! I was at an emotional low and had finally had enough of letting the scale run my life, I needed a solution that was going to work.”

“TruVision first popped into my life through an ad on Facebook, at first I didn’t think much of it. A few days later another ad for TruVision products showed up in my feed, but this time I stopped and looked at the “before and after” photos and something just resonated with me. The people, they were just regular looking people like me! Not models, not perfectly ‘skinny’, but regular looking people of all ages and sizes that had improved dramatically! I started to wonder ‘what if’… what if these products could work for me like they had worked for the people in the photos. I decided to message the lady and get started with my first TruVision combo.”

“I placed that first order weighing in at 220 pounds. I had no idea how much weight I wanted or needed to lose, but I knew that my health could not afford for me to get any bigger. During the first month, I lost a few pounds and inches, but what really surprised me was how just after the first few days my appetite had changed! I was eating smaller portions and not left feeling hungry. As the first month passed I was amazed that I was down 9 pounds. I had never lost that much weight in one month of my life, I was officially sold on the TruVision products.”

“With TruVision, I quickly learned that it wasn’t just a company about weight loss products but a company that truly cared about finding ways to help and inspire people to live healthy lifestyles. Early in 2016 my husband and I started participating in the company’s 10K PLEDGE program. This is an incentive that encourages people to get up and move, striving to accomplish an average of 10,000 steps per day each month. Walking, it’s simple, it’s free, it’s something nearly everyone can do. My first day I wore my Fitbit, I only had 3,920 steps. I doubted whether I could ever achieve 10,000 steps in a single day, but I was willing to challenge myself. In January 2017, Larry and I celebrated 12 months of accomplishing our 10K PLEDGE steps and were rewarded custom TruVision running shoes. I really have to thank TruVision for helping me become so excited about walking!”

“So, fast forward into my journey, those weeks progressed into months, the months soon turned into my first year and I saw the scale drop by 50 pounds! I am now a year and half into my TruVision journey and I have lost a total of 70 pounds. I barely even watch the scale anymore because I have so many other victories to celebrate. For the first time since my teens I am at a healthy weight and that is all I have ever wanted. It wasn’t about being perfect, skinny or anything superficial for me; I just wanted to look and feel healthy so that I could actually live my life rather than feel like I was barely surviving it.”

“When I placed my first order I really had no idea how much I would gain with TruVision. I had gained a healthy lifestyle, a sense of community and most importantly myself back. My mind and heart are filled with positivity and I am finally happy being me. These products are so much more than supplements, it is an experience and movement that gives people the opportunity to change their lives and help others do the same!”

-Christy Sherwood