truSTORY: Kimya Harris

Tahiry RatsimanohatratruFEED, truSTORIES

Iam Kimya Harris, I am 40 years old. I put myself on my first diet when I was only 9 years old. I remember feeling fat and inadequate in my “little girl’s swimsuit” so I would draw pictures of myself in a two-piece swimsuit and tape it to the cake dish in the kitchen to remind myself of what I ... Read More

Jamie & Don Harris: Transformation for 2

Jamie MurphytruFEED, truSTORIES

My name is Jamie Harris. My transformation with TruVision Health isn't a journey I have been doing alone but it's a story I have created with my whole family. Before TruVision, I personally had been approved for gastric bypass surgery due to being obese. I had never really had a weight problem until I had my daughter. During my pregnancy, I was ... Read More