Jamie & Don Harris: Transformation for 2

Jamie MurphytruFEED, truSTORIES

My name is Jamie Harris. My transformation with TruVision Health isn’t a journey I have been doing alone but it’s a story I have created with my whole family. Before TruVision, I personally had been approved for gastric bypass surgery due to being obese. I had never really had a weight problem until I had my daughter. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which caused me to rapidly gain weight. I struggled for over a decade trying to lose the weight and finally gave up resorting to gastric bypass surgery. My husband Don and I went to the final appointment before scheduling the surgery and were told it was going to cost us $8,000 out of pocket. We were already living paycheck to paycheck, coming up with this kind of money was impossible.

I decided not to get the gastric bypass surgery and honestly it ended up being a huge sigh of relief. Don loved me regardless of my weight and didn’t want me to experience any of the negative side effects by altering my body. But now we were both on a weight loss mission. Don had struggled with his weight too, but his biggest concerns were his blood pressure and cholesterol. He was being heavily medicated for both and was feeling out of control of his own body.

We began working out 5 days a week and began to lose weight but then just hit a plateau. We tried several different weight loss products with no results and this point Don was done trying. I ran across TruVision and decided that I would give weight loss products a final try. I secretly ordered a sample pack and asked my husband to take some before photos of me. After a few months, my results were undeniable! My husband was finally convinced and decided to order a sample pack for himself. His results far surpassed mine!

Don went from a size 42 to 32/34. He was already a part of the 10k pledge but now actually enjoyed his daily walks that started to become daily runs. He has even motivated some of his co-workers to get up and walk with him as well! Since TruVision we have both become healthier versions of us. I still have a little more weight to lose before I hit my goal weight but I finally have the motivation to keep working towards my goal! Our daughter has also lost a lot of weight on TruVision products.

TruVision has allowed us to become debt free. We have paid off all of our student loans, vehicles, personal loans and all of our credit cards! We have been able to make multiple home improvements and are now in the process of purchasing a new home! We never thought all this could be possible living paycheck to paycheck just a few short years ago. We have been beyond blessed thanks to TruVision and will be forever grateful.