truSTORY: Rachael Smith

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Before TruVision I was depressed, overly medicated, and didn’t really care about my life. I had quit my job to become a single, stay-at-home mother and it was harder than I could have ever imagined. I knew it was the right thing to do because my daughter needed me, but I felt as if I was only existing because of my daughter and the happy person I once was, was slowly slipping away from me.

I experienced a 5 year emotional roller coaster dealing with my ex partner. I had support from my family but it wasn’t enough to escape the toll my life was taking on me and I began to let myself go, turning to food for comfort. I hit an all time low in my life that I couldn’t seem to escape. I was browsing Facebook one night when I stumbled upon an ad. The woman had lost weight, turned her life around and just looked amazing so I had to congratulate her.

“Who would’ve thought that a 7 day Trial Pack would change my life?”Rachael Smith
After the ad showed up in my feed a few times, I decided to research the “miracle” that had changed her life. I spent over 3 days researching TruVision Health products trying to figure out if they were “the real deal” in a weight loss market full of empty promises. I contemplated the decision for quite some time as I was lucky to have an extra 50 dollars by the end of the week so I had to question if I should spend $35 on something I couldn’t see working. The woman from the ad could see that I was struggling to even get out of bed and needed help, so she kindly offered me a free Trial Pack. At the time I was weighing 105.7 kgs and I wasn’t being the mother I set out to be, so I gratefully accepted.

When the Trial Pack arrived I was still so skeptical it wouldn’t work, but in just 3 days I felt so amazing! I started waking up before my alarm, stopped eating for comfort and I felt happy again. After 3 days of this euphoria, I knew I wanted to continue feeling this way so I decided  to sign up. In my first week I lost 3.7 kgs and 17 cm, I was so blown away with my results that I knew i had to share them with others. I felt it was my duty to help others discover a weight loss product that actually worked!

Since being with TruVision, I have lost 27 kgs and over 60 cm in just 12 months! Not only have these products improved my health, but they have given me a purpose and great joy in helping others. I have made great friends who I now call family and I no longer feel like the “fat kid”. I have started working full time again since my daughter started school, finished my OHS studies and work with TruVision Health every other hour. I never imagined that being a mum that uses Facebook would allow me to grow a business. My finances have improved so greatly that I will be able to visit the United States this year for the first time in my life! TruVision Health gave me my confidence back and created a life worth living for myself. Who would’ve thought that a 7 day Trial Pack would change my life?